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Triathlon Tips

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    Why, When, & How to Fueling Workouts with Sugar

    - by Michael Harlow

    Ok, confession time!  My wife recently made the most amazing cinnamon buns.  I had a hard run in about an…

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    Triathlon Tip #28 – Building Mileage

    - by Nick Seitz

    As you start building mileage, the bulk of this additional mileage should come in the form of a weekly long ride that builds for 2-3 weeks and then backs off every 3rd or 4th week for recovery. Start your training early enough so you can build slowly with a maximum increase in weekly mileage of about 10% every week. Plan this out from now to the race to make sure your progression will work.

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    Triathlon Tip #27 – Last Minute Prep

    - by Nick Seitz

    Make sure to check all your equipment in the week before the event. I would suggest taking your bike into a bike shop to get a tune up and make sure everything is working properly. Plan out what you will wear, what you will eat, and who you will call to celebrate when you finish (haha). Planning is the key to success!

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