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Kenneth Steingold

Our athlete of the week is Kenny Steingold! Kenny has been training with EF for about a year, and in that time he’s made a mark on EF with his consistent smiles and great attitude when he comes in every week for training with coach Ryan. Kenny is one of the most gracious and joyful athletes we have the pleasure of working with, and his willingness to try new things and push himself to overcome any challenge is a true inspiration to all of us.

Kenny came to us in October of 2017 without any background in triathlon or the individual sports other than a desire to try something new. In the time since, he’s grown in all areas of the sport and completed multiple races. One of which he completed after falling from his bike twice in one race, finishing battered and covered in blood and bike chain grease, but finishing all the same.

Kenny’s remarkably focused and upbeat attitude shows through all aspects of his training and competition. He says that in any situation, be it racing or training, he’s happy and grateful to be there and be able to put in work to improve himself or compete. It’s amazing to see him working with Ryan through a particularly hard set, and Kenny is always able to power through even the most brutal workouts. The benefits of confidence he experiences when training has a huge import to the rest of his life, creating confidence and focus in his personal and professional life as well.

His advice to beginners (though, his words, he includes himself as one) is to “be appreciative and thankful for the ability to participate in any of these endeavors.” We couldn’t agree more- we’re lucky and so appreciative to be able to help Kenny grow as an athlete!



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