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Private Sessions

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Private sessions are a great opportunity to make huge strides as an adult or youth athlete in a short time frame. Whether you’re already in one of our monthly coaching programs or an athlete looking for some feedback from an expert coach, private sessions can help anyone push through to the next level. 

Below are some ideas to get you started on how to use one-on-one time with a coach. Ultimately, though, private sessions are to help you meet your personal or athletic goals! Whatever your goal may be, a private session with one of our certified coaches can help you move more comfortably, confidently, and efficiently.

Let’s Work Together!

Private sessions are one of the quickest ways to work through any challenges you’re facing in your training. Whether you need help with specific techniques, accountability for hard workouts, or even supervision during strenuous or complex training, our coaches are here to help.

Check out coach Erin’s video to learn a bit more about how and why private sessions are a great option, and look at some ideas below on what you might want to focus on during a private session.

Finally, there are options below on booking a private session or talking to one of our coaches! We’d love to work with you.

Swim Session

Whether you’re a competitive swimmer, triathlete, or just starting to get comfortable in the pool, some time with a coach can be a huge benefit. We offer underwater video analysis of your stroke and a proven method for stroke correction in either our Endless Pool or regular pool.  Even if you’ve never swam before in your life, our coaches can help get you ready for your first or next triathlon, swim meet, or swimming event.

Run Session

Endorphin Fitness coaches love to teach run form. As a high impact sport, it’s vital to ensure perfect body position and foot strike to minimize strain and maximize efficiency. A private session with a coach will help you run faster by improving running technique. Spend time working through training plans together, learn workouts to help overcome running injuries, or just run alongside our coaches to keep accountable and be guided through your workouts.

Bike Session

Whether you meet with a coach for a private session on the bike indoors or outdoors, a bike private session is a great way to ensure efficiency of workouts and receive feedback on form. Get some help outside with cornering, descending, starting and stopping, or other bike handling skills. Even if you’ve never ridden before or would like to pick up some new technique skills, our coaches can come to you or host you at our training facility.

Transition Practice

Transition is sometimes called the “fourth discipline” of triathlon. The clock doesn’t stop while you’re moving between the events, so you’ll want to learn to keep time spent in transition short. Whether you’re a long course or short course athlete, you can always save time in transition. Spend some time with our coaches in a private session to practice setting up your transition, learn flying mounts and dismounts, and work through how to set up your transition area.

Open Water

If you’re only used to swimming in the pool, it can be alarming the first time you set off in a river, lake, or ocean. Not to mention being in a triathlon or swimming race with scores of other people around you! Our coaches can meet with you to spend time in the open water learning how to move confidently and efficiently in all types of conditions. Practice swimming in a wetsuit, swimming against a current, sighting, and all other skills necessary for a strong open water event.

Strength Session

Meet with our coaches at our indoor training facility in Richmond or at your favorite gym for a supervised strength training session. Whether you’re strength training for another sport or simply trying to push yourself, our expert coaches can guide you to your best results. Our coaches write strength plans for you for each workout and will spot and check form to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

Mobility / Agility

For younger or older athletes, full freedom and confidence of movement is vital. Spend time with our coaches in our training facility to hone in on balance, ball sport coordination,  functional strength, mobility, agility, or whatever area you’d like to get stronger in.

VO2 Testing & RMR Testing 

Using the Korr Cardio Coach, we offer both VO2 testing and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) testing to determine how many calories you are burning at rest and during activity, your VO2 Max, your unique heart rate zones, and what mix of workouts you need to reach your best.

In-Person & Virtual Consults

If you have an area that you’d like feedback and consultation from our coaches, our coaches offer 30 and 60-min consults both in-person and virtually!   This is very valuable for developing strategy for a specific race, thinking through your schedule and workout balance, or getting guidance on your athletic goals.  Let us know what problem you’re facing and we’ll tell you how our coaches can help!

Anytime, Anywhere

Scheduling for private and testing sessions are flexible with both time and place. Your version of “early” is probably not too early for our coaches. Whether you’re coming to us or we’re coming to you, the only stipulation is finding a time and place that works mutually for athlete and coach. Book private sessions below and our coaches will get in touch. If you still have questions, feel free to use the contact form if you’d like to talk to a coach first.

Just a reminder, too, if you can’t make an in-person session that we also offer online coaching and virtual consults / private sessions.

Ready to go?

Private sessions are one hour each and sold on a per-session basis. They can be purchased in packages to save on each session, up to 20% off. Private session packages can be used at any point within a year of their purchase, and can be scheduled on a recurring or as-needed basis.  Our coaches will reach out to get your sessions on the calendar when you book!

Have Questions?

Do you have questions about what kinds of sessions can be scheduled? Want to confirm one of our coaches is available during your time slot? Use the contact form below for any questions you may have regarding private sessions.

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