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Youth Coaching


Endorphin Fitness is regarded as one of the nation’s top youth endurance programs.  We have group and personal coaching options for ages 5-18 to explore triathlon, running, cycling, mountain biking, and swimming.  Participants improve endurance, strength, speed, coordination, and mindset which helps them with any sport they choose to pursue as well as life in general.


Top Ranked Youth Triathlon Team

Endorphin Fitness has ranked top 5 youth team nationally in all but one of the last 10 years.  This includes a team youth national championship in  2017.  The ranking is based on consistency of excellence across the entire team, rather than singular stand-out performances.  In addition, we have experienced the similar success in regional running and cycling events.

Impressive Individual Accomplishments

Our youth athletes have achieved 45 national championship podiums, 13 junior elite overall wins, 6 high school state XC championships, 1 Youth Olympic Trials win, and countless personal breakthroughs.  With that said, we are a program of outstanding results that cares more about the individual athlete’s personal development on all levels beyond just sport.

Youth Olympic Games

In 2018, Endorphin Fitness athlete Parker Albright qualified for the prestigious 2018 Youth Olympic Games which only qualifies one female triathlete every four years and Coach Michael was appointed as the US coach for the team.  Parker started with EF as a 10-year-old worked towards this goal for 6 years with our coaches.

2012 USAT Youth Coach of the Year

Endorphin Fitness is one of only 17 official USA Triathlon High Performance Development Teams and our Head Coach Michael Harlow was awarded USAT’s 2012 Developmental (Youth) Coach of the Year.  As a Level 3 coach, Michael presents nationally for USA Triathlon on topics such as youth & junior physiology, draft legal racing / training, and swim, bike, and run skills and development.


Youth Athlete Testimonials

Jenna, 16

“Endorphin Fitness has taught me to be more by giving me a sense of self discipline. Fitting in workouts as a high school athlete can get challenging, especially around exams and on holiday breaks. Whenever I finish a workout that I have to complete on my own, I always feel so great. Sometimes I have to miss a party or two to go to practice, and in hindsight I’d still always pick practice.”

Lane, 7

“Endorphin has helped me be more confident. Coach Sally makes running fun and all the coaches encourage me to do my best at whatever I do.”

Jude, 11

“Training with Endorphin has taught me to be tough and push through the pain of training and you will be rewarded success. This has helped me to be more disciplined about school work to push through homework when I am tired. This helps me get good grades.”

Jack, 12

“I started riding my bike when I was 3 and I really loved it. When I joined EF, I discovered my love of running. I started riding a road bike too. Up until then I had only ridden my mountain bike. After training for several months I did my first triathlon. I loved it but swimming isn’t my favorite so I decided to stick to running and biking. I go mountain biking a lot with my dad. I’ve done several 5k races and 2 one mile races. I  can’t wait to go to middle school and, hopefully, join the cross country and track team. EF has definitely encouraged me to push myself harder than I normally would. I didn’t know how fast I could be.”

Parent Testimonials

After a run form analysis session…

“The improvement was amazing.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.  You guys could give this kid his life back.  You have no idea how much not being able to run changed his life over the last couple of years. I was blown away when I saw the progress yesterday, I should have brought him to you months ago. “

After a week-long youth triathlon camp…

“Just wanted to send a quick thanks. The camp and the event over the weekend were really well done and loads of fun for E. When she finished the race the first thing she said was, “That was awesome! Can I do it again?” I am sure you get this all the time, but you all do an incredible job with the kids. The confidence you have instilled in E over the summer is evident. Thanks to you and your staff for everything!!”

After months of coaching with Endorphin Fitness…

“Thanks again for all your help, patience and encouragement with him. After spending all weekend at a swim meet, I heard multiple stories about different coaches trying to “motivate” kids with various approaches, most ending with the kids hating swimming or wanting to quit (at ages 12 and under).  Extremely sad and frustrating. It only made me more thankful than ever that L found EF!  Whether he continues with triathlons the rest of life or not, he is learning skills that will help him for a long time to come (hard work, diligence, teamwork, dealing with disappointment, etc) in such an encouraging environment. “

Talk with our coaches

Our coaches are passionate about developing young athletes. No matter what sport your son or daughter is pursuing, endurance can be a huge benefit. It teaches valuable life skills and improves performance in all areas of life. If you’d like to speak with one of our youth coaches, fill out the form below! 

Explore The Program

Endorphin Fitness has several local programs to choose from. We also work with athletes all over the world through our personal remote coaching.  Choose your best option below.


We have several programs located throughout the state of VA. If you’re located near one of the following programs, click below to find out more and meet the coaches!

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The coach and athlete may be farther apart, but the relationship and the expertise are the same. To learn about what we offer to athletes worldwide, click here.

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