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Laura Vance

Our athlete of the week is Laura Vance! Laura has been with Endorphin Fitness 10 months, and in that time she’s seen some awesome progression. Laura came to Endorphin as an established runner and early on in her triathlon journey. She was more comfortable at the longer running distances and was starting to feel the need for a greater challenge. For this reason, triathlon seemed like the logical next step.

The challenges Laura faced were concrete- swimming and biking. Despite being a strong runner, Laura had to learn to swim competitively and get comfortable in the water. She points to getting comfortable and understanding the mechanics of swimming as one of her biggest breakthroughs of the season! Laura has also made huge gains and biking. Not only that, but she has improved this season on the sport she started with. She went from being what she described as a “solid, but not fast” runner to setting new and exciting PRs.

Laura loves feeling the energy and the competition around her during races. Despite having everyone around her, though, she is quick to remember to not compare her journey to others. It’s evident in the work that she’s put in and her focusing on improving all aspects of her racing that she’s accomplished awesome things this season. Her goals for the future are to continue improving her swim and bike times, as well as progress to the half Iron distance.

Laura loves the support, motivation, and accountability she receives from her EF teammates. In addition, the coaches have always been a huge motivation for her. Coach Erin always helps keep Laura on track and push her to a place where now, at the end of her season, she can say that her endurance and speed have improved beyond what she expected.

Her advice to beginners is to keep focused on your goals and results, and not compare yourself to others. She says it can be frustrating if the improvements you’re making are small, but eventually over time they add up- so be patient!



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