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Jessica Small

Our athlete feature this week is Jessica Small! Jessica has been coached by EF and Kim Frost for 10 months. After seeing the improvement of a friend of hers who was also being coached by EF, Jessica decided that it may be worthwhile to try out being coached. In that time, she’s seen great improvement in her athletic abilities. This has affected other areas of her life positively as well!

Jessica is a triathlete, but started as primarily a runner. While it was somewhat daunting at first to train for three events at once, Jessica decided to take on the challenge! Balancing training and competition with her other responsibilities in life to her family and job was not easy, but coaching helped her balance those with her training. Despite describing herself as starting out as a recreational runner, Jessica is competitive (with herself, as she describes it) and uses this drive to improve. Coming in 2nd for her is not a matter of feeling like she lost to someone else, but seeing an opportunity for herself to train harder!

With Kim’s coaching, Jessica has improved significantly. She’s also been flexible in what she’s pursued, shifting her training focus from a 70.3 to a marathon. She set a huge PR at the Richmond Marathon last November, with a time that is getting her thinking about setting goals of qualifying for Boston. This was a huge step up for her and something she never thought she could’ve achieved before! She also did a trail running race recently, placing 4th overall female and first in her age group! She had never run a trail race before. But, as coach Kim likes to say, “You will surprise yourself!” and Jessica certainly did.



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