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Chandler Evans

Our athlete of the week is Chandler Evans! Chandler has been coached by Endorphin Fitness for the last four years. He decided to get into the sport of triathlon after watching his older brother Presley doing triathlon and figured it would be fun for him to try as well!

Chandler has learned early on a great lesson in life, that nothing is given to you and you have to work hard for good results. Endorphin Fitness has been a huge encouragement to him in learning this and learning to love working hard. Having his brother and dad both involved in the sport has been a huge benefit, as well as great encouragement from  coach Erin and his teammates. Chandler’s goals this season are to improve his bike and run and, in his words, to become a better him!

Chandler has had some awesome results in his racing career, including winning the Rev 3 Summer Sizzle triathlon last summer. Every week, though, Chandler looks forward just to practicing and improving his running and biking skills. Looking forward, Chandler would like to bike in some bike-only races, as well as improving his fitness in running.

Chandler’s advice to beginners is to work hard and to enjoy the outcome of all the hard work: “you’ll be able to do more than you think is possible”! We’re super excited to see where Chandler’s hard work will take him!



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