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Kristopher Scott

Our athlete of the week is Kristopher Scott! In her nomination for Kristopher, coach Erin described Kristopher as “tough as nails”, and in his five months with us, he’s shown us all his resolve in training and pushing past what he thought was possible. With help from Coach Erin and the rest of the group at Endorphin, Kristopher has surprised himself with rapid improvement over the last year, and is excited for what the rest of this explosive season holds!

Not too long ago, Kristopher was going through some difficulties in his life and knew that he had to make a change. With help and encouragement from his then best friend, now brother-in-law, Kristopher started running and biking. From there he started in the sport of triathlon, but didn’t have much direction or a clear idea of how to improve. Starting his coaching with Endorphin Fitness has helped him see huge improvement in every event in triathlon, including a massive improvement in his solo pace on the bike, from 16 miles per hour to over 20!

Kristopher says that encouragement from his teammates and coaches has been one of the main things that helps him push past mental barriers and achieve more than what he ever thought was possible. Before he started with EF, he said that he figured he would be suffering through sprint triathlons without strategy and muddling in road rides. However, the coaching at Endorphin Fitness has helped his race strategy, his form in every sport, and his overall focus in training and in life.

Since he has to be at work as early as 6:25 most days, Kristopher’s training often starts with getting up at 3 in the morning. He has had to shift around his sleep patterns to still make time for his family and hitting his training goals. One of his goals this season is to complete his first 70.3, which he plans to complete at the Patriot’s Half in September!

Kristopher’s advice to new athletes is awesome, so we’re including it in his words: “Don’t ever judge what kind of athlete you are based on what numbers other athletes in your age group are putting up. If you do that, it’s easy to say “I’ll never be that good or I’ll never be that fast.” You never have to be better or faster than anyone else, you just have to be better and faster than yourself.” Kristopher has been an amazing athlete to coach, and we’re excited to see where his diligence and hard work will take him!



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