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Roger Peterson

roger peterson

Our athlete of the week is Roger Peterson! Although Roger joined Endorphin about a month ago, he has made a great impression on our coaches already. His positive attitude in the face of new challenges and his eagerness to improve new skills made him stand out to us. We wanted to share with you some of his journey in the sport and highlight the massive progress he’s already made!

With encouragement from his sister and an invitation to mountain bike with her about a year ago, Roger started in the sport of cycling. He said it instantly turned his day around for the better when he went out with her. Soon after, he was biking 20 miles to work every day. He started knocking down goals left and right from there, completing a 50 mile ride on the capital trail and then doing a full century. After swimming with his sister a few months later, Roger realized that he was already most of the way to a triathlon. With a final push of encouragement, they signed up for their first race, Rumpass in Bumpass!

Even in his short time at EF, Roger has already gained a huge amount of confidence. He has learned to push through mental barriers, and continue on past what he thought his limits were. Endorphin Fitness has been instrumental in this, and Roger says it already feels like a second family. The benefits are not merely physical in improving his training, but also mental and emotional due to the encouragement of his teammates.

Roger pushed through a tough race at Rumpass in Bumpass, and is currently training for his first Olympic distance triathlon in the fall. Rumpass was hard because of cold water temps, which made it difficult for him to find his stroke in the water. However, once he was out on the bike and run course, it was easy for him to regain his confidence. Roger says that in general, trying new things can be difficult mentally. In that race, he had a hard time with seeing others passing him, but when he’s training he’s able to treat every workout as a win and a step towards improvement. This attitude will take him far!

Roger’s advice to beginners is to never stop trying. He says that racing and training requires as much physical strength as it is emotional and mental. While it’s easier to measure physical improvement, it can be harder to see the more intangible benefits of training. But after all, Roger says, the best of racing is (wait for it) the endorphins! Once it all clicks in place and your stroke, pedal, and stride is falling into place, Roger says he feels like he can keep going all day. In his words, “it’s an incredible feeling.”



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