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Keagan Carroll

Our athlete of the week is Keagan Carroll! She impresses us constantly with her determination to train and pursue her goals through all the highs and lows of competition. She is also an excellent friend to her teammates, and says that Endorphin Fitness has been a huge part of her life in growing and gaining personal confidence.

Keagan talked a lot about the people around her who make this sport special to her: her parents, coaches, and teammates. She discovered early on that triathlon was the perfect sport for her. With her training and growth in the sport of triathlon, her personality grew along with her confidence and overall happiness. Her friends at EF and the consistent support of coaches and teammates has been instrumental to her growth as a person and athlete.

Keagan has been competitive in triathlon for many years, competing in national, statewide, and local competitions. She has competed in kids, junior, and youth categories and says that the junior elite / sprint distance has been her favorite. Now, as she prepares to enter her senior year of highschool, she is training to qualify for and compete at Nationals.

Despite various frustrations throughout her racing career, Keagan continues to persevere and train through the difficulties rather than becoming discouraged. She described several races changed to duathlons right as she was preparing to race, and rather than letting this throw her off, she raced hard. She once had to retire from a swim after she was elbowed in the face by another competitor with enough force that her goggles broke. This season, too, has had its share of difficulties, including a frustrating DNF. However, even through a difficult start this year, she placed 5th in her AG at a local race and is using this momentum to continue to push through the summer.

One of the hardest lessons to learn when training for endurance sports is to not let difficult circumstances or off days throw you off, but to continue to strive forward. Keagan is a great example to all of us of someone who can forge through the difficult moments and frustrating seasons and remain determined and focused in training! This determination and commitment to perseverance will take her far!



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