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Matt Cramer

Our athlete of the week is Matt Cramer! Matt was described by coach Erin as a “true student of the sport”, and said that she would nominate him for this distinction every week if she could! Matt brings absolute focus and a wonderfully positive attitude to every practice. He is always eagerly looking for ways to improve his form and learn new techniques. Despite impressing us constantly with his determination to improve every aspect of his racing, what we appreciate about him most is his care for and support of his fellow teammates.

Matt came into triathlon from a background in swimming. In his time training with us, he’s made huge improvements in his running and swimming, but he’s also learned techniques to improve his swimming specifically within triathlon. His hard work and determination to better himself has earned him a podium spot at all the races he’s completed so far.

Even though he was injured during the off-season, Matt focused as hard on his recovery and physical training as he did his normal training routine. His focus and determination, even coming through in how he works through PT, has propelled him to excellent results so far this season and we look forward to what the rest of the season holds! Matt is a strong proponent of the “last one fast one” mentality, and he can frequently be found racing coach James during Thursday morning run practice when everyone else is dog tired. We have no doubt that his best results are yet to come!



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