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Nina Marino

nina marino

Our athlete of the week is Nina Marino! Nina has a long history of running, competing in various running events up to a half marathon. However, the idea of doing a marathon was practical unthinkable to her. Despite telling friends that she had no desire to ever race at that length, she was looking for more. A friend of Nina’s recommended Ryan, and they began working together in January to set big goals and achieve them. Over the last year, Nina and Ryan have worked hard towards her goal of running a marathon.

Nina repeatedly emphasized the huge benefit of having a coach push her to achieve more. Nina was apprehensive of adding on more miles because of her injury history. However, with guided coaching and a focus on form from coach Ryan, she was able to safely increase volume and double her longest race distance in only 8 months. Not only that, but she chose to pursue this distance in the challenging venue of trail running. At her big race of the year, the Odyssey Trail Running Rampage, she not only met her marathon goal, but did it on a course with 5,000 feet of climbing! Trail running, for Nina, is a great chance to get out in nature and enjoy the sport in a new way.

Endorphin Fitness has helped Nina gain confidence both inside the sport of running and outside. By coaching her through the techniques and methodology behind adding volume while maintaining technique, Ryan has boosted Nina’s confidence immensely. Ryan has been attentive to helping Nina grow not only physically but mentally. In coaching, they break down big goals into smaller steps. With this, Nina has not only achieved big things in her sport, but elsewhere in life as well. She has taken the phrase “earned not given” into her other pursuits, and recognizes that to get anywhere in life takes specific steps and goals.

Nina’s advice to a beginner athlete is to not compare yourself to others. Everyone is on their own journey, and your success is not helped if you compare your numbers to others’. She says “Keep moving forward. Even when it hurts and you will be impressed how far you can go that you didn’t realize was possible.”


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  1. sheri crowell 6 years ago

    As a running buddy of Nina, I can tell you first hand, how much she enjoys Ryan’s coaching techniques and his genuine interest in her success! We are all really proud of this accomplishment and I am certain it will be first of many challenges met by Nina! Congrats Ninabear!!

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