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Scott Evans

Scott Evans

Our athlete of the week is Scott Evans! Scott has been with Endorphin Fitness for the last five years. Along with his sons Presley, Chandler, and Whitfield, Scott has been an awesome addition to our team. He and his sons are always working hard and focus on the next steps in their journey! Scott just had a huge breakthrough race at IM 70.3 Maine, going 4:44 at his first half. Since he just passed this milestone, we asked him a few questions about his journey, and enjoyed hearing some of his reflections.

Scott comes to us from a unique position, having a background in golf. Scott played golf at a collegiate level and went to school on multiple golf scholarships. When Scott became interested in triathlon after his son Presley took up the sport, he had absolutely no background in swimming, running, or biking. However, through a great deal of diligent work he has been able to improve his times and get faster. In fact, when asked what his goals were, Scott simply replied: get faster. Regardless, at this moment Scott says that he’s in the best shape he’s ever been in.

The support of the coaches and teammates at Endorphin has been instrumental in Scott setting and achieving big goals. Scott’s family is extremely important to him, and he feels it’s important to set a good example for his sons. In addition to being able to set a positive example, Scott says he always comes away from workouts energized and ready to tackle anything in his day.

Scott’s advice to beginners is to always put in the hard work needed to improve. That, and don’t miss workouts. We’ve enjoyed working with Scott tremendously and can’t wait to see what big goals he sets and achieves next!



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