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Scott Vanwagner

scott vanwagner

Our athlete feature this week is Scott Vanwagner! Scott’s coaches appreciate his excellent attitude. He works diligently at his workouts and never complains. Scott’s been with EF for about six months, and he already had a wide range of races behind him when he started being coached by Ryan. Starting off at the 10k distance, he would race with friends and over time, they talked each other into longer and longer distances.

The desire to overcome mental barriers and do more than “just finishing” races is what drove Scott to look for a coach. Having Ryan’s help pushing beyond mental barriers is what Scott found most helpful in his coaching. However, in addition to having coaches to help him expand his thinking about what his abilities are, Scott has found benefit in other areas of his life. Thinking about other goals in terms of an end result and building a plan backwards from there has been hugely helpful for Scott in his life.

In addition to being pushed by his coaches, Scott has also found a great deal of encouragement from his teammates. The supportive and encouraging environment of the team has been instrumental in breaking through mental barriers. They help Scott overcome the temptation to just barely do his workouts, but instead to always finish and finish strong.

Scott is working hard with Ryan and the rest of the adult team this winter and into the spring. He’s got his eyes set on IM VA in May, and we have no doubt that he’ll do big things! Scott’s advice to beginners is good, even if it’s a harsh truth! He says that everyone at some point when learning to ride clipped will fall over at a stop sign. Take it in stride, though- it’s a rite of passage!



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