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“I was preparing to train for a half marathon to celebrate a milestone birthday with friends, so I really wanted to find something that would help get me back in shape. I have been running and weight training off and on for 10 years but consistently found myself pushing so hard that I wouldn’t be able to maintain long term. I do better when I have someone to help hold me accountable and thrive when I get feedback while during my workout. I have a very busy schedule between work and home and I want to get the most from my time at the gym. I looked into personal training which didn’t work for my current budget and group classes were too large for me to get proper instruction. A running buddy told me to check out Endorphin Fitness and I am so glad I did. In my first 6 weeks, I lost 12 pounds, lifted heavier weights than I would have tried before and my running has most definitely improved. I love that the classes change regularly enough to keep things challenging, and yet I know to expect certain core elements, so it’s always a full body workout. Andrew is fantastic at encouraging you to push yourself during the class, patient enough to laugh with you when you don’t get it, and gives a lot of one-on-one feedback. There is no way I would have pushed this hard alone and I really appreciate the time he has taken to help explain the exercises. Now I really understand how my body/muscles should feel with each exercise, which I find a tremendous help when I work outside of the classes. My classmates are great too and provide me with inspiration to keep pushing week after week. What’s even better, I don’t have to be at the gym every single day to see the results! I feel I have found a permanent place with the Endorphin crew!


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