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When Glenn Young started training with Coach Kim Frost, he was keeping his racing schedule full every weekend and loved to train and race. He hired a coach because he wasn’t seeing as much improvement as he had hoped in the hours he was putting in to all the disciplines. He has since learned the importance of a periodized training plan, stretching, and listening to his body. Additionally, he has worked tirelessly on his running and swimming form. All his hard work is paying off! All of his training and races are to honor his daughter, Ryan Alea Young (aka R.A.Y), a swimmer at UNCW who tragically passed away in 2009. On the tails of what would have been Ryan’s 28th year old birthday, Glenn PR’d at the REV3 Williamsburg Half ending up 3rd in his age group with a time of 5:38.23. IM Chantanooga is the next stop for Glenn and as he calls her his “angelic helper, RAY”. Glenn has the biggest smile, best attitude, and is disciplined, kind, caring, and determined. Congratulations Glenn on this well deserved honor.


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