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“I have lost about 15 pounds, down two notches on my belt, getting ready to drop down to the pants that have been in a box for 3 years, went from 9 pushups to over 20, have gone up 20 to 40 pounds on most exercises, recently played 18 holes of golf on consecutive days and never got tired – my stamina is already as best as it has been in a long time (golf wasn’t very good but I felt good). Andrew’s approach is fantastic and just what I needed – the results are the proof. I was out of shape, overweight and turning 50. I needed to do something that would get me motivated and last. I never know what to expect when I show up. It is a great blend of strength, cardio and increasing my flexibility. He pushes just hard enough in his own way that motivates. I am Andrew’s and the program’s biggest advocate.”


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