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Lexi Christie started with the Tri team as a 9 year old. From her first year with the team, she was always been extremely driven. Already an accomplished runner and triathlete who recently qualified for Junior Elite Nationals as a 16 year old at the Liberty University Online Academy East Coast Triathlon Festival, Lexi decided to also race mountain bikes this year and had an amazing season. She had 2 third place finishes and was 4th and 5th at the other 2 races. This placed her 5th overall in the VAHS MTB Series. During her final race last weekend, she was sitting in 5th place when she was forced to stop for a copperhead snake that was on a bridge crossing which let the other riders behind her catch up. Once she was able to resume racing, she got a flat tire, but instead of just walking it in, she ran 2 miles to the finish and still managed to get 14th out of 19 racers. This is a strong testament to Lexi’s character. She is always hard working, always persistent, and always a strong friend to her teammates. While training, she also maintains straight A’s in all her classes. Coach Trey McKinnon of her Prince William EF team notes that the biggest challenge with her isn’t getting her to do what she needs to do to improve but rather helping her to understand that it’s ok to back off a bit in order to maintain balance and not overdo it. Congratulations Lexi!


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