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Erika Jurkowski came to EF just 4 weeks ago. She introduced herself as a 0-100 type of person. She didn’t really swim, had never done a triathlon, and had signed up for a half ironman in September. After discussing some training races with EF Coach Kate Fisher, Erika signed up for ALL of them with her first ever triathlon just 6 weeks out from her start date (which is the RTC 400 meter open water/pool swim). When we started working with Erika, she could barely swim 25 yards without stopping. She was a head-out-of-the-water swimmer and anxious. A 400 meter open water swim in 6 weeks was ambitious. However, Erika loves a challenge. If you throw it down, she will take it on! Just 3 weeks from her start date, she had a 400 yard continuous swim on her plan. This was a day that she decided to take the plan into her own hands. Erika not only swam her first 400 continuously, she didn’t stop! She swam 1250 yards continuously and only stopped from a cramp! Now with her confidence high, she is going into her first race feeling prepared and ready to take on the world!


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