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Carson Everman

Always positive, always resilient, Carson Everman has spent the past 3 months clawing herself back from a concussion she suffered as a result of a car accident. When most would have thrown in the towel as they watched their goals begin to slip away, Carson refused reigning them back in, defying normal recovery. Carson showed the pinnacle of patience and determination as she and Coach Michael took one day at a time, deciding on what the next day would look like based on the result of the previous day’s workout. Carson never lost hope. This past weekend, all the patience paid off in Carson’s season opener at the Early Bird Tri when she stormed back into the race scene with a fantastic race and age group win! Carson now has her eye’s set on the High School National Championships next Friday and then the East Coast Triathlon Festival on May 7th. Carson, we could not be more proud of you and just thank you for being an amazing example for us all.


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