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Jack Martin

Jack Martin has been training with EF for over 8 years and continues to improve every year due to hard work and consistency! Whether he is the lone athlete to show up on a dark winter morning when it’s sub 20 degrees…or a practice in the rain, or a strength session after a long brick, Jack makes sure to give it his all during workouts. He also puts a strong emphasis on recovery strategies that allow him to train and race injury free which is crucial to an athlete’s overall improvement. Coach Sally notes, “Jack is a pillar of the group, coming to practice with a great attitude, support for his teammates and a sense of humor that keeps the team laughing through all the hard work!” His hard work and consistency keeps paying off, earning him great results at the White Lake Olympic recently where he PR’d by five minutes despite warm race day conditions and having to guess on his pacing as his heart rate monitor stopped working.  Jack is an all-around great person and greatly valued on our team.


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