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Jean Cole-Kleitz

Being self motivated is a very important quality in order to reach your goals as an endurance athlete, and Jean Cole-Kleitz certainly possesses that quality. Jean joined Endorphin Fitness In December of 2016 and has rapidly shown that she has what it takes to accomplish her goals. Although it has been a mild winter, there have been a few times that she has braved 30+ MPH wind or morning temps in the low 20s just to get in her workouts. More impressively, she battled herself both mentally and physically in order to race and train the smartest way possible. This past weekend she raced a half marathon, which to her is normally just another race. But she was challenged by Coach Kevin Mallon – EF Fairfax Director – to follow a strict race plan in order set a new course PR. Jean, overcame the temptations to run to fast at the start, and to not follow other competitors as they surged ahead. As a result she ran a 2 minute PR, which lead her to a 2nd place overall finish. This has given her more confidence that her race plan heading into the Boston Marathon will allow her to achieve her goal. 


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