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Allan Ng

There is not enough room here to describe the larger than life Allan Ng. As an executive with Shake Shack, founder of Shack Track & Field, huge supporter of Chef Cycle and No Kid HungryIronman triathlete, and new husband, Allan is as dynamic as it gets. Allan is one of those people you simply ask, “how does he possibly fit it all in?” But, he does and has for many years. Allan began his journey with Endorphin Fitness almost nine years ago when he lived in Richmond and took part in EF’s group coaching program. When his job took him north, he remained active with EF by switching to online personal coaching which allowed him to balance his busy lifestyle with training by having a personal coach dictate his training schedule. He is constantly balancing his training with work/charity but has learned that schedule limitations are only a concept of the mind. He works closely with his coach on a daily basis to get the most out of what his schedule allows for on that given day and always gives 100% to the workout. Recently, Allan has been experiencing some major training breakthroughs leaving his coach to exclaim things like, “wooohoooo!!” and “what are you taking?” Absolutely incredible workouts that have him more fit than ever before heading into the race season. This breakthrough has come out of a very busy winter where he was forced to make the most out of very limited time. Which he did…as always.  Allan, it has been and always will be an honor to coach you!


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