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Our Stories

Our Stories
September 23, 2016 Michael Harlow

We each have a story that is constantly playing out. Pain, struggle, triumph, relationship, loss, gain, and a plethora of other things paint the landscape of our individual stories. These life experiences make up who the person is and their dreams for who they will become. In these stories, real life resides.

The bulk of an individual’s story usually remains hidden to most. Most only learn the Christmas card version of a person’s life. To those who are entrusted with more, relationships blossom and roots run deeper than with others. In turn, lives are changed.

As coaches, we often get invited into the whole story. Better yet, we get invited to partake in the story and walk alongside our friend towards goals that impact the rest of their story. In doing so, we find that our lives are changed as well. This is a gift that we are blessed to have. We don’t take this lightly. This is what fuels us to be the best coach possible: In the end, we are not impacting a finish time but rather a life.

This past week, we launched a new website where stories take center stage. Throughout the website, you will find stories of lives changed – both athletes and coaches – through relationship. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your story.

Be More. Live Red.
Michael Harlow
EF Founder & Head Coach


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