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Matt Winheim reached out to us following the 2015 Richmond Marathon. As all marathoners know, some races go well, and others do not quite go as planned. For Matt, the Richmond Marathon was a frustrating experience. He knew the fitness was there to run much faster, however the final miles of the marathon always seemed to present a challenge. As soon as Coach Ryan began working with Matt and performed his VO2 testing, He knew that the process of training would simply be some fine tuning and race execution. His build to Shamrock could not have gone better. The cold and dark winter months did not seem to affect our training at all. Matt literally hit every single workout without any issues. His qualifying time at Shamrock seemed guaranteed. However, we all remember to weather during the Shamrock marathon, rains and extreme winds. This made for some very difficult running. After a struggle, Matt ended up with an 11 minute PR but still a few minutes off of the time needed for a BQ. A few days later Matt reached out again. He stated that the Ottawa Marathon was in eight weeks and that he wanted to use his run fitness that he had already gained in an attempt to get a qualifying time. We hit the ground running again. Typically after long months of training with high mileage, the body seems to get stale. So we inserted some faster speed work into the training and Matt did nothing but get faster and again execute every workout. Race day came, and Matt ran perfect splits (1:31, 1:31). We got he Boston Marathon qualifying time!!! We could not be more proud of his determination, resiliency, and willingness to dedicate so much effort into this accomplishment.


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