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Lynn Ferguson is a triathlete, and like many of us, had goals and was going for them. Before Endorphin Fitness with sprints, olympics, half iron distance races, and trail races, he gave his training everything. Through it all, he ended up giving too much, overtraining, and pushing his body past where it was ready to be. With classic overtraining symptoms of extreme fatigue and some additional complications and stress fractures, Lynn was sidelined for several months rebuilding his health. While this was a little bump in the road, Lynn wasn’t going to let this stop him from achieving his goal of racing an Ironman. His doctors finally cleared him to train, but told him he needed to get a coach. Lynn came to Endorphin to help him safely get to IRONMAN Louisville. Coach Kate Fisher worked with Lynn on building him up at a pace that his body was ready to accept. It was a perfect coach/athlete relationship with great communication allowing us to determine where he needed to be and understand if fatigue was normal or if his body telling us he needed to take a break. We watched Lynn become stronger than he’s ever been and push himself harder than he ever had. Lynn ended up training more than he had than when he had overtrained, but he did it safely by investing in the process and with great trust. Lynn is a great come-back story showing that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. He raced IRONMAN Louisville and raced it strong! He followed every bit of the race strategy and raced the entire race getting stronger throughout. It has been such a pleasure to work with Lynn and get to know him as person. He is one of these people that you feel lucky to have met and is a great teammate to have. Congratulations, Lynn! You are an IRONMAN!

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