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Joshua Gray

Joshua Gray always desires to get the most out of every workout, as well as every race. A lot of Joshua’s success can be attributed to his attention to detail. Questions such as “Where do I sit my shoes?” , What is the most effective way to put on my race belt?”, etc are often common for Joshua. Joshua does not just want to know how to do things, he desires to know the best and most efficient way to do them. This meticulous mentality, along with his maximal effort at every race and practice are two very strong reasons for his success. His positive attitude, determination, and hard work are extremely evident, and often contagious. Joshua balances the demands of track as well as triathlon and has made tremendous improvements in both recently. Joshua has dropped his 1600m PR by 17 seconds over the course of the season, along with setting the new course record and taking 1st overall at the Powerkids Tri this past weekend. Thank you for your hard work Joshua…we could not be more proud.


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