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Maggie Geoghegan

Maggie Geoghegan started in triathlon last year and ended up taking some time off due to injury.  She came to EF after her time off with the goal of doing minimal training to stay injury free and maximize the little time she had between work and other activities.  Coach Kate worked with her on coming up with a plan to maximize her training while keeping her healthy with her available time.  Maggie calls herself a late bloomer, but she is one quick learner!  She had a fear of open water swimming and an even greater of injury.  In very little time at all, Maggie improved her swim and became a confident open water swimmer.  In ramping her training up slowly and feeding her quest for knowledge about the training she was doing, she became stronger and more confident in her training.  There is no challenge that she is not up for!  When we told her that some things take time and don’t happen overnight, she took that challenge and proved to us the next day that she can make it happen overnight.  That is what it is like to work with Maggie every day!  A quote we hear from her every day is, “Don’t worry, I’ll get this.”  She has since been pushing herself harder than ever before because her body is now stronger than ever and her hard work is paying off.  She won her age group at the ECTF Super Sprint, was the RTC age group champion from the RTC Sprint triathlon, has qualified for the USAT Age Group National Championship, and just made another podium finish at Powersprint with a 9 minute PR!  And, it’s still early in the season.  Maggie is setting her goals high and will be doing an Olympic and Half Ironman distance races later this summer!  Maggie is a great example of the power of the mind.


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