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If you know Jill Tarr, you know she is the comeback queen. Through countless setbacks including a crash that resulted in her being air lifted off wintergreen mountain that many would have never returned from several years ago, Jill has refused over and over again to allow any obstacle to stand in her way. Last year she completed her first endurance bicycle race at the Sebring 12 Hours completing 192 miles in 12 hours at the age of 62. She then set her sights on another 12-hour race in August but experienced another setback when she was hit by a car in the months before the race. In true Jill style though, she did everything she could to claw herself back onto the bike when her body was ready and began preparing for the 2016 Sebring 12 Hour race. Last weekend, Jill covered 210 miles in 12 hours (18 more than last year) placing 4th overall in the race at the age of 63. Jill, we continue to be amazed and inspired by you!


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