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Last weekend at the Meek n’ Mighty Triathlon, Jack won his age group after only placing 7th last year. In addition, he beat last year’s age group champion by 1 second this year, dropping his overall time from 31:31 (2015) to 27:59 (2016). This is truly about a huge step on Jack’s triathlon journey. Last year when we started, Coach Marc does not recall one workout where he didn’t complain or stop and whine and his results were mediocre. In the off season workouts, Marc continued to challenge Jack, but despite some whining, he started to complete the workouts and showed some physical toughness. He introduced Jack to the phrase, “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Before long, he had accumulated a large number of quality workouts that I told him to store in his bank so that on race day he could make a big withdrawal. All of this hard work paid off big this past weekend as evidenced by the results. Coach Marc notes that the results came from Jack understanding what it took to be a competitive athlete, and despite the fact that lots of discomfort comes with it, he was willing to make that choice. This past weekend, Jack’s results far surpassed the “reach” goals Coach Marc had for him in each leg of the race. Coach Marc noted, “I am really, really proud of him. He deserves all the attention and accolades that come with this performance.”


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