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Ian Henderson

Ian Henderson has been part of the Endorphin Fitness Youth Triathlon Team for many years. Ian is a talented athlete and overall amazing leader and example for his teammates. Ian had an amazing triathlon season this year with a national triathlon title to boot. He continues to improve in practice for what will sure be an amazing season this coming year. Ian is always enthusiastic and ready to go at every practice no matter what. He shows up with a smile and gives it his all every time. With a positive attitude, he is always consistent with his workouts and races. More so, he is able to be a strong competitor and then easily transition back to being a playful kid with his competitors and teammates as soon as a race is over. An easy-going attitude in life combined with a serious mindset while racing, Ian demonstrates a winning combination we should all seek to emulate. We are so proud of how far Ian has come since joining the Endorphin Fitness family, and we are excited to see what the future holds him.


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