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Florence Lamirand

Florence Lamirand began her triathlon career in the late summer of 2013. With a running background, along with a determined and willing spirit, she dove into the triathlon scene and experienced great success early on. Her progression of races began with the Sprint and Olympic distance, quickly progressing to off-road, as well as the 70.3 distance. Florence experienced quite a few victories in her age group and also some very high overall finishes.  Eventually, Florence felt a desire to participate in a more structured program and therefore reached out to Endorphin Fitness in hopes of continuing to improve for the upcoming triathlon season. In the few short weeks that we have worked together, Florence has handled higher training volume with zero missed workouts. Additionally, she has tackled cyclocross racing with some impressive results recently (1st place Capitol Cross, 2nd place Apple Cross). Florence has a great attitude regarding training and can easily be illustrated in her quote below, “Triathlon is more than a sport to me, it’s a lifestyle and the most important lesson triathlon has taught me is to never look at the mountain ahead but rather focus on each step. The prospect of a demanding workout, racing an intimidating distance, or meeting deadlines at work can all be stressful situations in which it’s easy to become overwhelmed, lose focus, and under perform as a result. By taking things one step at a time, objectives become much more manageable and attainable.” This is a true journey in training for Florence in which we at Endorphin Fitness are proud to be a part of.


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