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Eric Glymph

Eric Glymph has been coached by Endorphin Fitness for 9 years. Eric’s fitness journey began 13 years ago when he felt he was out of shape and decided to start running. He participated in the Monument Avenue 10k, but then began having a few injuries. In his local community, Eric saw a poster for the power sprint triathlon and thought to himself, “Hey, I could do that.” After suffering from running injuries, Eric joined a masters swim program. It didn’t start off easy for Eric, as he swam 10 meters and said he nearly drowned at his first practice! His first race wasn’t much better. It was after Hurricane Isabel and was pouring rain. He still maintained high spirits and had a great time. He was hooked! Since then, he has done 78 multi-sport races – usually between 5 and 8 per year.


Since this first race, Eric has participated in numerous races, including 3 Ironman races. A few of his goals for this season are to get his speed faster and due to his injury, focus more on short course races after focusing on longer races the past few years.  This year, he wants to focus on his run especially with a goal of breaking 20 minutes for the 5k and have lots of fun!


Eric’s fitness journey has been a roller coater ride.  As with any athlete, there have been lows, such as when he was unable to finish a half Ironman.  Recently, Eric has been nursing a calf / achilies injury, but despite this has kept high spirits. To Eric, his favorite thing about triathlon is that he can still enjoy biking and swimming even with an injury.  Defeats only motivate Eric, stating that you can’t let the bad weather or bad day tear you down and that there are occasionally less than perfect races, but he says he never wishes he didn’t participate.  We applaud his great attitude!


But, of course, there have been many good times too.  One of his favorite was when Eric travelled down to Florida for his second Ironman. It was his favorite race because the whole trip was great with the 15 people he went with from Endorphin Fitness. They had trained together the whole spring and summer and had a lot of fun. His whole family came down and spent time together in Florida. It was a great opportunity to see everyone come together at the race after training together for so many months.  The people you meet are another favorite part of triathlon for Eric. He loves how many different people you meet training and racing.


Eric also helps lead team rides on Saturdays. He loves team rides because it’s always fun having everyone together. It’s great to see the hesitant people in the group start to realize that it’s actually a lot of fun. Eric says training with a group of people is way better than training on your own. People are constantly there cheering you on and supporting you. It’s a feeling that can’t be described until you really feel it out there for yourself.


Endorphin Fitness taught Eric to “Be More” in his life through surrounding him with a community and encouraging him to give back through volunteering.   He often describes Endorphin Fitness as a family.


Eric is so passionate about Endorphin Fitness that he now supports it through his company which helps small business owners grow their business by understanding their financial information better. Eric says, “most business owners are very smart people, but don’t focus on the numbers.” Michael Harlow, Founder of Endorphin Fitness, helped Eric launch his business. Eric and Michael worked together to plan growth, set goals, and make sure they grow profitably.


Everyone at Endorphin Fitness is thankful to have Eric as part of our team!


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