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Kai Dove

Kai has been nominated for this week’s Athlete of the Week! Kai first began training for his first triathlon around the age of 9. He had always wanted to do triathlon, he knows it’s a great opportunity to have fun with other people. At first, he wasn’t very competitive, but times have changed and now Kai is more passionate than ever, in addition to competitive.

Endorphin Fitness has taught Kai to “Be More” by helping him realize that it’s not all about winning, but also being more supportive to others on your team.

Kai’s main goals for this season include getting above a 21mph average and below a 6 minute run for triathlon. So far the season has been going great for Kai. He just got his 5k below 20 minutes. Kai is extremely excited about Nationals which is coming up in Ohio.

Triathlon can be a roller coaster of emotions and experiences. Kai’s favorite race experience so far was his first time going to Nationals. It was out of state and Kai had never been out of state for a race before. Kai isn’t a big fan of the open water swim, but running is his favorite element of triathlon.

When it comes to advice for beginners, Kai has one statement for us, “You have to forget the meaning of the word can’t.


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