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Sarah Ruotolo

Sometimes the switch just flips and another level is found. This is the exciting part – this is why we coach. This happened for Sarah Ruotolo this past week which is why she is this week’s athlete of the week. Sarah has been a part of Endorphin Fitness since she was 7 years old. Over the years, Sarah worked hard but Coach Michael always sensed there was another level. Now 13 and part of the junior elite high performance team, Sarah has been exposed to another level of training. The question for Coach Michael was whether she would respond. This past week, Sarah responded with a resounding yes. On Monday’s workout, she broke away from her run group on the second to 32 seconds faster than her goal pace. On Wednesday, she did it again running with a group that was 2 pace groups up from her. The switch had flipped, another level had been found, and true potential was being revealed. This is so true of all of us – we all have the ability to flip the switch. We all have another level. We just need to tap into it. 


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