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Marisa Ruotolo has been an EF athlete for the past 9 years during which time we have seen her life transformed.  At first, Marisa was super shy and therefore very passive with her training.  We knew she had way more potential but needed to uncover the shy façade that was preventing it from shining.  Years of working with Marisa eventually brought forth this vibrant, amazing young lady who is now a leader on our junior elite team. When this happened, Marisa began attacking workouts unlike ever before, and it is paid off big.  Her big improvement was marked when she dropped over a minute off her 5k PR in a local 5k and then never looked back!!  She then began applying herself in all 3 disciplines – quickly dropping some serious time in the pool and on the bike. Marisa rarely misses practice and always completes all her workouts.  Her hard work, consistency, and determination have led to amazing results and a transformed life.  It has been awesome to see.  


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