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When Kathy Scourby and Coach Ryan first began working together, she had already qualified for the 2016 World Duathlon Championships in Adelaide, Australia. Our goal was to sharpen her run before then. After countless hours of running in the dark on the track, we sent her off to Australia where she had a strong race. After a bit of recovery, we knew we had the task of qualifying for Worlds again. However, with the timing of the qualifying race this year, this meant that we had countless miles to log in the dark and cold winter hours. To no surprise, Kathy always arrived bundled up and ready to work. This past weekend was the Duathlon National Championships in Bend, Oregon, a qualifier for the World Championships. Even on hilly terrain, Kathy attacked every aspect of the course, and It paid off with a coveted spot to the 2017 World Championships in Penticton, Canada. We cannot express how proud we are of Kathy. Even with a demanding work schedule of 70-80 hours a week, Kathy still finds time to train. Although this may mean that sessions have to occur extremely early in the mornings, Kathy is never late, and she is always ready to pour her heart into the workouts.


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