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Virtual Cycling & Smart Training

Laser-Targeted Training & Pain Caves Done Right

Endorphin Fitness is Richmond’s experts in smart trainers, home training set-ups, and virtual cycling builds.

The recent explosion in popularity of smart trainers and virtual cycling such as Zwift has brought a lot of attention to building at-home cycling simulators. Triathletes, however, are not new to this game! For years, competitive cyclists and especially time crunched triathletes have trained from home. Endorphin Fitness is your source in Richmond for all the expertise and product you’ll need to get your home training “pain cave” set up right.



Here’s what we’ve got to offer:

Wahoo Kickr Studio

Our Wahoo Kickr Studio has been a fixture in our adult training program and youth training programs since winter of 2017. The smart training studio delivers a laser-targeted training experience. Coaches will help you input your functional threshold power and the trainer dials in the exact resistance to ensure that you’re following the coach’s prescribed workout. If it’s your first time at practice, reach out to your coach beforehand and they’ll help guide you through the process!

If you’d like to try out a practice or two on the trainers, talk to coach Ryan Middleton about a free trial!

Wahoo Dealers, Trained and Experienced Staff

Our staff are ready and excited to get you set up on your first smart trainer and help you build out your home training set-up. Or, if you’d like to use a current power meter or install a power meter to use with cycling apps, our staff will help you get set up. Getting started on virtual cycling apps such as Zwift has never been easier, and our staff can help guide you through the process to make it painless and get you riding inside in no time!

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