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A wetsuit is a vital piece of equipment in triathlon and open water swimming events. Increased buoyancy and insulation make swimming in open water safer. The form fitting, smooth exterior of a wetsuit also reduces drag significantly and will lower your time in the water.

At Endorphin Fitness, we offer $75 for five day rentals from our selection of TYR wetsuits. Availability is first come, first served, though we do allow reservations as far out as you’d like to make them. Use the form to the right to request a reservation.

We also offer a free wetsuit fitting session in-shop to test sizes. Bring your swim gear and take some time to test the wetsuit in the water in our endless pool!

For most up to date wetsuit availability, call the shop at 804 741 1599 during business hours (T-F Noon-7pm, Saturday 10am-4pm) for current wetsuit availability.

Alternatively, fill out the form below letting us know some details about your event. We’ll follow up letting you know if we’ve got a suit in your size available and to collect payment over the phone.

For most up to date wheel rental options and availability, please call the shop during business hours at 804 – 741 – 1599!

Alternatively, fill out the form below with details about your upcoming event. We’ll follow up letting you know if the requested wheels are available and to collect payment over the phone.


Wheels are one of the most substantial upgrades you can make to a bike. Carbon wheels with high quality bearings offer lower rolling resistance and rotational weight. This results in noticeably faster acceleration and a greater ability to maintain speed over distances. Our race wheel rentals allow you to harness this speed benefit for your big race without needing to make a big investment!

Our race wheel rentals are $150 for a week. This price includes installation and de-installation at our shop (including carbon-specific brake pads and cassette-swapping), as well as the tires and tubes for the race wheel.

Rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis, though we do allow you to make a reservation as far out as you’d like to ensure you’ll have the wheels for your race.

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