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Bike Repair & Labor

Service Options For All Riders

Getting your bike rolling right

At EF, we know that your bike can be a source of stress when it’s not working right. We’re here to help you alleviate that stress with several options for service. Click below for more info on each. Please call the shop at 804 741 1599 to check on current service schedule and arrange for labor.


Pre Race Service

The basic look-over, minor adjustments, and seal of approval from our mechanics on the safety and efficient functioning of your bike.

General Tune-Up

When you’ve got a bike that feels clunky and needs to be cleaned up and made ready to ride again, we recommend the general tuneup.

Re-Cable Service

With new cables, housing, and bar tape included in this service package, it’s an excellent value option to make an old bike new again.

Complete Overhaul

Rebuilding your bike from the frame up. Ultrasonic parts wash of all moving parts with new cables and housing makes your bike almost new.

A La Carté options 

Just need one small thing done? Have a part you’d like us to put on? Check here for the prices on individual service items.

Please note the following:

All major service is completed by our head mechanic Andrew Wolak, a professional mechanic with over 15 years of experience. Please note that because of this, turnaround times may be increased during peak race seasons. We encourage you to schedule your service as far in advance as possible.

Due to limited storage space, bikes not picked up within 7 days of completion of service will be charged a $1.50 per day storage fee. Bikes left with us for longer than 30 days will be disposed of after 3 attempts to arrange for a pickup. Please let shop staff know when dropping the bike off if you will be unable to retrieve it within 7 days of the completion of labor. 


Pre Race Service

Need a quick check-over before your next race or ride, but don’t need a full tune-up? Our “pre-race service” is just what you need. We’ll give your bike a thorough checkover using our multi-point inspection sheet for safety and proper function. This service includes alignment and adjustment of your front and rear derailleurs and brakes. We’ll confirm the safety and integrity of your frame and components, and to top it off, we’ll thoroughly clean and lube your chain.


Pre Race Service

$ 45

Inspect / Adjust Headset
Inspect / Adjust Crankset
Full Safety Inspection
Inspect / Adjust Brakes
Check torque on all critical bolts
Clean and lubricate chain
Full Safety Inspection + Test Ride
General Tune-Up

$ 89

Everything included above, as well as...
On the bike cleaning of all components
Frame and Wheel Cleaning
Spot-true of wheels

General Tune-Up

The general tune-up is our most popular service package. This service expands on the basic adjustments covered in our “pre-race service” with the addition of a detailed cleaning and inspection of your bicycle’s frame and fork. Additionally, we complete a thorough on-the-bike cleaning of all moving components of your drivetrain and braking systems.


Basic Plus / Re-Cable Service

The re-cable service is a great value option for getting an old bike rolling like new again. In addition to all the cleaning and inspection of the general tune-up, we will also run new cables and housing for your bike. The cables and housing hold your brakes and derailleurs at the correct tension, and replacing this vital components ensure that shifting and braking performance are completely optimal. On top of that, you’ll even get a fresh new set of Profile Design bar tape in whatever color you please.


Re-Cable Service

$ 125

All of the above, plus...
New bar tape
New cables and housing
Complete Overhaul

$ 225

All of the above, plus...
Ultrasonic parts wash of all drivetrain components
Radial and lateral true of wheelset
Clean / rebuilding headset
Overhaul front and rear hubs

Complete Overhaul

The complete overhaul is our most comprehensive service package. This service covers every facet of your bicycle from the frame up. Every component is removed from the bicycle, cleaned, lubricated, re-installed and then adjusted and tuned to perfection. It is the ideal service for bicycles that have been ridden or neglected for a long time without much regular preventative maintenance, or the bicycle that has been ridden hard for a whole season and needs to be fresh for the next. It includes everything from the above packages, as well as an ultrasonic parts wash of all washable parts, rebuilding of hubs, headset, and bottom bracket, radial and lateral truing of both wheels.

Additional Services

Note: we do not add on these charges for parts installed during the course of the above labor packages, nor do we charge installation labor for components purchased through the shop (excluding inner tubes).


Specific Repairs


Labor itemPrice
Ultrasonic Drivetrain Cleaning & Inspection (add-on)$35
Frame & Fork Cleaning & Inspection$35
Flat Tire Repair (Does not include tube)$10
Wheel truing (per wheel)$30
Spoke Repair (includes single spoke)$30
Bottom Bracket Overhaul$40
Bottom Bracket Adjustment$20
Headset Overhaul$40
Headset Adjustment$20
Hub Overhaul$30
Brake adjustment$20
Clean and lubricate chain$20
Chain installation$20
Derailleur Adjustment$20
Rear Suspension Overhaul$75
Re-Wrap Handlebars$20
Accessory Installation$20

 Specialty Services


Labor itemPrice
Packaging or un-packaging bicycle$80
Hydraulic Bleed (Per Line)$35
Tubular Gluing (Per Wheel)$35
Tubular Glue Stripping (Per Wheel)$35
Electronics Diagnostics$75 / Hour
Bicycle Labor Rate$80 / Hour
Warranty Administration$60 / Hour

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