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Bike Fit

Does your bike fit you?

A professional anatomical bike fit at Endorphin Fitness enables all levels of riders to maximize power, endurance, and comfort on any type of modern bicycle. During your personal anatomical bike fit session, our fitter Andrew Wolak will asses your individual needs and fine tune your bike position and your equipment to your body.

A professional bike fit goes beyond adjusting the basic measurements necessary to properly size your bike, such as saddle height and frame size. Andrew systematically addresses every contact point on the bike with proper fitting technique. Andrew addresses cleat position, stance width, reach, stack, saddle selection, riding position, and every other factor which impacts performance and comfort on the bike.

Read more about Andrew’s fit process and book a session below.

Meet your Fitter

Andrew Wolak is a cycling industry professional with over 14 years of hands-on experience. A strong personal desire for continuing growth and education within the industry led Andrew to pursue an advanced education in modern professional bicycle fitment from the preeminent expert in the field, Dr. Andy Pruitt. In March 2016, after four years of continuing education and implementation, Andrew achieved the cycling industry’s most notable accomplishment for a professional bicycle fitter — passing the Specialized Bicycle Components University’s Fit Technician certification exam.

This exam, proctored by Dr. Pruitt, is the only pass/fail certification in the industry. Currently, there are less than 150 fitters worldwide who have achieved this distinction. From world champions to daily commuters spanning all levels and disciplines, Andrew has experience with thousands of cyclists and their bicycles. Currently, a true master of the trade, Andrew’s passion lies in his desire to improve your overall experience and relationship with your bicycle through unparalleled service, repair and fitment.

How it works

Our bike fit process is centered on YOU! Here’s how it works, and what you need to know before coming in.

Come ready to talk, and ready to ride

Bike fits at Endorphin Fitness start with a conversation. Andrew will ask you about your riding style, as well as any history of injuries. This is the beginning of a diagnostic process before you even get on the bike- Andrew will address histories of back pain, knee pain, or any other chronic issues which may be giving you trouble in your bike fit.

Make sure to bring the clothes (including the cycling shoes) that you normally ride in! Fits with Andrew address every aspect of equipment positioning, including the cleats on your shoes if you use a clipless system.

Rider motion evaluation and flexibility assessments

Once you’ve covered your riding and injury history, Andrew will have you ride your bike on a Kinetic trainer. Andrew measures and documents your current riding position and systematically addresses every contact point between bike and rider. This is a process of evaluating motion and hearing feedback from the rider as fit adjustments are made.

Build out and measurement sheet

Because we believe bike fits are the joining of rider and bike, we fit you to the equipment you already use. If the necessary fit adjustments can be made by adjusting your current equipment, Andrew will do so before concluding the fit session, as well as giving you a document with your exact measurements for future reference. If your ideal fit position requires the replacement of certain components, Andrew will make the recommendations necessary and install the parts as a part of the fit fee.

Follow up to ensure the perfect fit

The ultimate evaluation of a fit is how it feels after your normal riding. Included in the fit fee are two-follow up appointments within the next six months if there are issues that are persistent after riding on your new set-up. Andrew is happy to work with fit clients until their fit is exactly where they need it to be.

Fit Options

Bike fits are completed on an appointment-only basis, and are typically scheduled a week or more out. To speak with Andrew and schedule time for a fitting, click on one of the options below:

Standard Bike Fitting

$  250



2 hour fit session to a bike set up in standard position. Includes road bikes with standard drop bars, or flat bars. Also includes mountain bikes, commuter bikes, kids’ bikes, etc.

Fit documentation with measurements and gear recommendations.

Fit adjustments to your current equipment.

2 follow-up visits within 6 months.

Aero Fitting

$  275



2 hour fit session to a bike set up for an aerodynamic position. Includes triathlon bikes and road bikes with clip-on aero bars.

Fit documentation with measurements and gear recommendations.

Fit adjustments to your current equipment.

2 follow-up visits within 6 months.

General Fit Consult

$  100

per hour


 Have specific fit questions? Schedule a session of any length for:

Saddle comparison and selection.

Pedalling dynamics evaluation.

Cleat / shoe fine tuning.

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