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At Endorphin Fitness we believe that equipping a customer is only half of what a good bike shop should be. Coming from our background in coaching, we believe that educating is as important as outfitting. Below, you’ll find the writing and videos we’ve made helping you make informed decisions not only about what you buy, but what you use.

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    Winter Riding Gear

    - by Michael Harlow

    Here are a few of our favorite winter riding items which will be important this winter with less indoor riding options.  Call our shop today at 804-741-1599 (option 3) to get ready for the winter.   ELITE THERMAL LEG WARMER The ELITE Thermal Leg Warmers quickly convert a favorite pair of cycling shorts into cozy tights. Our best-selling leg warmers are now updated with water shedding PI Dry™ technology for all weather performance. These leg warmers are sold in pairs and have unisex sizing. MSRP:$55.00 ELITE THERMAL ARM WARMER The ELITE Thermal Arm Warmer is an absolute essential for cool…

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    New Tech from LAZER Aero Helmets

    - by Nick Seitz

    Let’s Get Aeronerdy: Save Time With an Aero Helmet Today we’re talking about our aero road helmets in the shop. Long story short, you shouldn’t be racing tri or time trials without one. You’re looking at saving 30-60 seconds out of every hour ridden with a proper aero helmet worn and used in the right position. Let me start by stating the obvious- if you’re not, you should be wearing some kind of helmet. The first and most important job of any helmet is impact protection. Keeping your head safe is job #1. But, beyond that task, what else…

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    Zipp 454 NSW Carbon Clincher
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    Zipp 454 NSW

    - by Nick Seitz

    New Zipp 454 NSW now in the shop We’re excited to be carrying the new Zipp 454 NSW wheelset in the shop! This visually striking new wheelset from Zipp offers several benefits over previous race wheels, and we wanted to run through a few with you today quickly. Hyperfoil™ rim profile Zipp engineers have always been hard at work creating new and better wheels. The Zipp 454 NSW carbon clincher is the newest entry into a long pedigree of greater speed through better engineering. Nowhere is this more immediately obvious than in the new rim shape. The new Hyperfoil™…

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    tri shoes vs road shoes
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    Is a Triathlon Shoe or Road Shoe right for me?

    - by Nick Seitz

    As a triathlon shop, we often get the question “what’s the difference between a triathlon shoe and a road shoe?” It’s a good question, and the differences may not be immediately obvious. Try wearing a running shoe while biking and you’ll intuitively understand that is not the shoe you’re looking for while riding. However, if you wear a road shoe and a tri shoe back to back, you might not even realize the difference.

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    Perfect bike saddle
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    Finding the Perfect Bike Saddle: Good Fit = Speed

    - by Nick Seitz

    Finding the Perfect Bike Saddle: Good Fit = Speed What is the perfect saddle? I don’t mean an okay saddle, or a good saddle, I mean what is the perfect saddle? This is a question that can vex riders- always switching out saddles, never sure if they’ve landed on the right one. At Endorphin Fitness, that doesn’t have to be the case. Let me give you a simple answer to your question: there is no perfect bike seat. Your saddle selection will depend on your discipline and your body type. A comfortable saddle is no replacement for a good…

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