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The Distance Myth

The Distance Myth
July 31, 2020 Michael Harlow

Today, I went for a swim in the river.  There is a point in the river at which I normally turn around, but today, I had set my eyes on a point much further than that.  As I passed the spot where I normally turn around, it struck me how short it seemed.  I had decided today to swim much further than normal, making normal much more attainable. 


This is something we see often in endurance sports.  One year you train for your first 5k and cannot imagine ever running further than that.  You do everything you can to just get across the finish line.  A couple years later, you find yourself training for a half marathon and run by multiple 5k check points in pursuit of your goal.  That distance that once seemed insurmountable is now just part of a longer goal.  Yes, there is physical improvement at play here, but I believe this is also a mindset.  We cap our potential at what we believe is possible versus what truly is possible.


This is an important life principle as well.  If we set our mind on goals that are bigger than we would be satisfied achieving, we are more likely to achieve our goals.  So, don’t limit yourself today.  Set big goals and believe you can achieve them and more.


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