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What’s Motivating You

What’s Motivating You
June 5, 2020 Michael Harlow
We have had a handful of athletes stop training due to COVID because there is uncertainty when we will be able to race again.  Though I understand where they are coming from, I have a different perspective on these uncertain times. To illustrate, I will share a personal story. This was my year to race Boston, and more so, snag a marathon PR at this infamous race. In the spring, I learned that Boston had gotten postponed until September, so I adjusted my training accordingly. Last week, it was announced that Boston was officially cancelled. I was faced with a choice. Stop training and take the summer off or find a new goal and train my butt off. I chose the latter. I called my training partner, Coach Ryan Middleton, and proposed we go after a sub-16 minute 5k on the track this Fall – a longtime goal of mine. Since then, we both have agreed we are more excited about this solo race than Boston. Plus, we will be in better shape for Boston next Spring because of it.
I found my motivation, but I want to know what is driving you. Though we hope to race soon, these are uncertain times with no guarantees. Don’t allow this to stop you! So, I invite you to contemplate what would keep you motivated in light of uncertain races and then let me know at the link below. My team has committed to listening to these motivations and then doing everything in our power to create opportunities to foster them. Whether it be staying fit, breaking a PR in a time trial, running virtual races, or achieving some crazy goal like seeing how far you can run, we want to find a way to help you do it. Let us know below…
I will leave you with one more thought. Fitness, not races, are the goal. Races are a motivator, but improved fitness is the end-goal. Now more than ever, focus on fitness. The training you put in right now probably has a bigger impact on your success in 2021 than the training you do in 2021. Don’t let COVID rob you of continued fitness gains. Don’t take a step back only to use 2021 rebuilding what was loss. Not racing in 2020 is not a tragedy but rather an opportunity.

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