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June 26, 2020 Michael Harlow
I have been thinking a lot about the small moments in our lives. The smile of a child when he does something new, the cheer of a teammate as you run by, or a family’s embrace during a difficult time. It is these small moments that are sometimes the most memorable in life but oftentimes the most missed.
As triathletes, runners, and endurance athletes, we are so focused on the end goal of crossing the finish line under a certain time or in a certain place that we can miss these moments. I believe this is tragic. Whether training or racing, I encourage you to open your eyes to these small moments. If you don’t try, they will be missed.
During this COVID pandemic, this is especially pressing with less races on the calendar. This uncertain time has hopefully taught you to slow down and appreciate the smaller moments that have so much joy in them. Keep your eyes out for these in both training and life.

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