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Danielle Sparkman

Danielle Sparkman
December 28, 2018 Nick Seitz
Danielle Sparkman

Danielle has been with EF for about a year, and in that time she’s seen some amazing improvement. In the last year, her times dropped and racing skills improved. She’s also improved her mindset towards training as well with the help of her coaches and teammates. She initially joined EF because she neede guidance to not overtrain and for help avoiding injury. Her coaches and teammates at EF have been a huge help to her in setting good goals and striving to be more!

Running is Danielle’s favorite thing to do. She started training for and racing in triathlons in order to be in better shape for running. However, with several years of on-and-off injuries, Danielle worried about the dangers of overtraining and injury. Erin’s coaching over the last year has been instrumental in Danielle understanding the bigger picture of training. It’s helped her cope better with periods where she isn’t able to run, but is able to train other areas of triathlon, and thus continue to improve her fitness.

Erin’s support and guidance through training as well as Danielle’s PT was huge for her, mentally and physically. Danielle had two huge results at the end of 2018, shaving 10 minutes off from previous best times! Danielle’s favorite aspect of racing are these moments- when you feel you can’t go any farther or faster but still manage to push yourself harder.

Danielle sought out EF for the expertise and accountability of a coach. However, the camaraderie found among the team surprised her. The energy of workouts together, the excitement of races together, and the presence of the team on social media has been instrumental in her success. In her words, it makes it hard to not want to better and push herself!

Her advice to beginners is to keep in mind a quote for Theodore Roosevelt: “Comparison is joy’s thief”. Danielle says to never compare yourself to anyone unless it’s who you were yesterday. We’re excited to see where this determination and resolve will take her!


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