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Thank You For The Support

Thank You For The Support
August 5, 2016 Michael Harlow

Disclaimer – Athletes, this one’s not actually for you but for your friend, spouse, kids, loved one, etc that supports you in all this craziness. Please share this with as many of these people as you have in your life.

This past weekend, I traveled with 57 athletes to West Chester, Ohio for the Youth & Junior National Triathlon Championships.  More so, I traveled with around 100 people who came along to support their athletes.  Most of these people have spent the last year shuffling their kids from practices and helping them balance school, training, and fun. They were the ones who supported the athletes when workouts did not go well and celebrated with them when it did.  They sacrificed money, time, and energy to allow their athlete to reach his or her goals.

This week, I write to you and say thank you!  Whether you are a youth parent, spouse of one of our adult athletes, or a friend of either, thank you.  You are a vital part of the Endorphin Fitness family, and we appreciate all you do. Without your support, we would not have the honor of working with our athlete.  Without your encouragement, our athlete would never reach his or her potential.  Thank you for being selfless in so many ways and making this possible.  My prayer is that you are getting something back by being part of the Endorphin Fitness family that makes it all worth while, be it personally or just the gratification of watching your loved one succeed.

Once again, thank you!

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