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A Time and A Place

A Time and A Place
August 7, 2020 Michael Harlow

I grew up playing just about every sport imaginable, most of them being team sports.  Though I very much loved each one of the sports, there was always a powerful draw towards endurance sports.


One of the biggest reasons why I was drawn to endurance sports is because there was a direct relationship between my results and the work I put in.  If I worked harder, it almost always resulted in faster times, and if I slacked off, my times got slower.  My results were a direct response to the work I put in.


With endurance sports, there is a time and a place.  Not only do you get to compete against others for a place but ultimately you are competing against yourself for your best possible time.  If you have this viewpoint, you will begin to see your competition as simply there to bring out your personal best.  Your time is a direct result of the work you put in and everyone is working together to achieve their personal best.  This is the lynchpin of endurance sports and why there is such a draw for people.

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