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Tommy White

Our Athlete of the Week is Tommy White! Tommy just turned 6 years old. He completed his first triathlon when he was 4 years old. When Tommy was just 2 years old, he would ride around the house on his strider wearing his mom’s helmet saying, “I’m racing, I’m racing!”. Tommy doesn’t just excel at triathlon, but he does basketball and soccer as well. His mom believes that it’s important for a child’s body to be exposed to different muscle movements to help them grow.

When it comes to triathlon, he prefers the running over the swimming because running makes your legs stronger and you can really feel yourself getting better and better. But he wants to make sure we know he isn’t a bad swimmer, either. Tommy wants to try another triathlon, maybe in longer distance. But for right now, Tommy’s main goal is to have fun. His parents agree and want Tommy to explore fitness options, figure out what he likes, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Tommy participated in our YMCA Triathlon Camp last week, in addition to our Splash & Dash series. Tommy loved it and made a bunch of new friends. At the last day of camp race, the whole team ran in a triathlete together at the end. Tommy and his mom say it was awesome to see such compassion and camaraderie at such a young age even after just a week!

Whenever Tommy sees someone struggling or feeling bad, Tommy makes them cookies to help them feel better. What a sweetie!


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