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Lori Green

Our Athlete of the Week this week is Lori Green! To start off her feature, Coach Sally Fraser had this to say about Lori, “Lori Green has been training with EF since 2016. She quietly racks up age group awards while also working full time in a corporate job and mothering three youngsters. The amazing thing about Lori is her complete dedication and consistency in her training. She rarely misses a workout, always gets them in while on vacation, during inclement weather and in between conference calls! She also puts a lot of time into staying healthy through strength training and is willing to push beyond her comfort levels which is how results are made. She is a great supporter of her teammates and is known for rallying others into showing up for a workout….or else you’ll hear from her! If you are looking for a training partner who will never let you down, Lori Green is the one to call!”

Lori has always been an active person. She played sports in high school and field hockey in college. As an adult, she ran and biked to stay fit. After losing her mom in 2011, she needed an outlet, something new to focus on. So registering for the Pink Power in 2012 seemed like a good option. Prior to the Pink Power, she had never even raced an open 5k. It was a great outlet for her and something that she and her eldest son could enjoy together. Her younger two kids have even tried a couple of kids races!

It was November of 2016 when Lori decided to join Endorphin Fitness. Prior to joining Endorphin, Lori felt her training was too spread out. She was strength training with a personal trainer, swimming with Peluso, running with a small group, and biking on her own. Everything felt so disconnected. Scheduling was a complete nightmare, especially with a full time job and three kids. Most of the people she swam with at Peluso were already with Endorphin and encouraged her to join.

Lori’s 2017 season went really well. She raced ten triathlons and placed 2nd in her age group in the VTS MTS series. 2017 was her first race season with Endorphin and the pre and post race support helped her make adjustments to improve her racing throughout the season. In her racing career, Lori has raced sprint and Olympic and enjoys both. She looks forward to eventually trying a half marathon. Her goals for this upcoming season are to be more consistent and improve her run speed.

Lori’s favorite race experience includes racing with her son at venues where the whole family can tag along, go camping, and fully enjoy the weekend. It is not unusual for her younger two children to volunteer at the races. Lori’s least favorite rain experience typically involves rain and cold temperatures!

When it comes to triathlon, Lori’s favorite part about triathlon is the community of individuals that she has met. Being surrounding by such encouraging, supportive and fun people is what fuels Lori’s passion for triathlon.

After joining Endorphin Fitness, Lori is learning how to push herself beyond her perceived limits and always be willing to try something new. Lori encourages those who are just getting started to join the team at Endorphin and to ask a lot of questions.

When we asked Lori if she had any advice for beginners, she said, “Honestly, I think I am still a beginner. I am constantly learning something new from my coaches, teammates and individuals I race with. I love that I can learn something new every day.”



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